Wood Cutout Letters

We will cut letters out of wood for you.

Letter sizePrice
Up to 3 cm¥550 
Up to 5 cm¥770
Up to 8 cm¥1,100
Up to 12 cm¥1,650

Some of the woods we have available are: walnut, white oak, chestnut, maple, cedar, teak, black cherry, white ash, Japanese cypress, shuri-zakura (prunus ssiori, a type of cherry tree), and others.


  • These prices are for one alphabetic character — Japanese ideograms and characters with many strokes will incur in extra costs
  • If you have your own typography, we can use that along with your text
  • Itallic text and mixing different sizes will use up more wood, so we will consolidate the price to the biggest character in your order
  • Wood thickness starts at 3 mm and can be adjusted — extra thick wood will cost extra, so please let us know as you order